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Read the following Contract Carefully – It Limits Our Liability. I have read the above rules of the dojo and understand and will do my best to obey them I, the undersigned applicant of Aikido of West Seattle Inc. (here after called “school“), acknowledge that I am applying for instruction in a Martial Art involving strenuous exercise and personal body contact. I acknowledge that the school carries no insurance against injury to any of its students. As a condition to being admitted to the school as a student, I assume the risk of all injury and do hereby hold the school, its employees and agents harmless from any and all liability (including attorney’s fees and costs) for all claims, actions or damages due to injuries suffered by me or caused by a third parties to me, arising out of activities involving Aikido, or any variation thereof, whether occurring on the premises of the school or elsewhere, excepting only those claims, actions or damages caused by the gross negligence or intentional act or emission of any of them. I, the undersigned, as parent or guardian of the above applicant, certify that I have read the above Application and I consent to the applicant’s receiving the instruction for and I agree to the provisions of the contract for myself and the said applicant.
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